3 Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Cooking Tips

No matter how many times you have cooked a turkey, there is always room for improvement. If you are cooking this year, here are a few tips for making a great meal.thanksgiving

Tie up the legs: most expert cooks tie up the turkey legs so the bird can cook evenly. And while this tip is not a must-do, tying up a turkey can show off your culinary skills.

Cooking on rack of veggies: skip the roasting rack and cook your turkey on a bed of veggies. The veggies will add a bit of flavor into the juices and help make your gravy taste extra yummy.

Use foil: once the turkey is finished cooking, cover it in foil and let it sit for 15 or 20 minutes to help lock the juices inside. What you will eventually have is a juicy and moist bird.